Should We Worry About This Election?

Should we worry about electronic voting and this election? The answer is an emphatic YES. Watch this compilation of news reports about electronic voting problems across the country – it is literally astounding.

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2 Responses to “Should We Worry About This Election?”

  • admin says:

    Unfortunately, there are already reports in key states of election irregularity – specifically with electronic voting machines. I’ll tell you – if the Democrats sweep the House, Senate, and White House, they need to pay serious attention to the voting standards in this country and fix them! They are horrible! We should ensure that no more mass purging of registrants is allowed! And – most importantly – we need to pick one TRANSPARENT electronic voting process that voters fill out paper and then have it scanned! Recounts should then be handled on PAPER…not by machine. It’s seriously ridiculous how warped the system is today.

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