Election Fraud: Is Bush Personally Involved?

According to sources over the past week, Ken Blackwell, Republican Secretary of State for Ohio in 2004, may have helped to steal the 2004 election by using weak server security to allow a “man-in-the-middle” attack on the vote data in transit. The server in question was also the host server for private Bush Administration email accounts. The Raw Story blog provides a good synopsis of this information. The Miami Herald¬†also provides additional insight.

Blackwell, apparently, hired a security expert that ran a company called GovTech Solutions. The owner, Mike Connell, is a longtime Bush employee (since the 1980s). Connell seems to be at the center of the “perfect storm”. He designed the Ohio server infrastructure which allegedly uses a man-in-the-middle attack and allegedly moved the servers in the middle of the night election night from Ohio to Tennessee. He also designed and hosted the now infamous swift boat veterans for truth and represented a host of Republican interests with his other company New Media. All of this highlights the case for fraud in Ohio by Blackwell and Connell. But does it also mean Bush was involved? Not necessarily. But, Connell was a longtime employee of the Bush family and he also appears to be at the center of some of Karl Rove’s election dirty tricks in 2000 and 2004.

In addition, this movie provides some truly shocking evidence that the election was stolen…not the run of the mill stuff either…hard evidence! Some of which confirms what the Raw Story and Miami Herald are saying.¬†

The real question now is, how safe is Ohio in 2008? Will a repeat of election fraud happen? The Times thinks not.

Let’s hope they are right.

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