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Mitt Romney: Liberals Are Everywhere!!

Republicans treat the current Bush Administration and Supreme court as a seething pile of liberal hackers! “We need change from a liberal Washington,” Romney stated, “to a conservative Washington”. Who does Governor Romney think fills the ranks of the Supreme Court? Who does Governor Romney thinks sits in the Oval Office? Bill Clinton?

Romney, Thompson, and his ilk play the smear politics that have powered the Republican Party for years. But this kind of power is an illusion. Sooner or later the Americans that they refer to see right through the politics of division and fear. Romney talked of Jihad, axis of evil, and war. He painted a picture to spread fear. But the American people are wise to this tactic. There is no color-coded chart listing a threat level that will save the Republicans this election – no matter how many times they mention Ronald Reagan, and the alleged Mavericks – McCain and Palin.

But, you have to give Romney points for trying! After all, he mentioned Ronald Reagan, McCain, and Palin in the same sentence.

Bravo Governor, bravo.